Bauer Ignite Pro Plus Senior Skates

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The Bauer Supreme Ignite Pro+ ice skates are a rare and exclusive product made for Discount Hockey. They are an upgraded version of the second-tier Supreme 2S model with features found in the top-of-the-line 2S Pro model. The Ignite Pro+ skates will give players a nearly identical level of comfort, performance, and durability as a top-of-the-line skate at a fraction of the price.

The 2018 Supreme skate line features new graphics, using mostly charcoal grey for the boot and reflective gold accents near the heel, eyelets, and ankles. This is a very clean design compared to last generation’s, which used lots of lines on top of a lighter grey quarter package. These Ignite Pro+ skates still have those lines or accents but they are much subtler on the darker boot.

The key upgrades found exclusively on the Bauer Ignite Pro+ skates include the Comfort Edge ankle padding, TUUK LS3+ black carbon-coated stainless steel, and LOCK-FIT+ liner with wear patches.

The Ignite Pro+ skates use a 3-D lasted Curv® composite quarter package, which is carried over from last-generation’s Supreme 1S and S190 models. This quarter package is also found on this generation’s 2S, makes the Ignite Pro+ a very stiff skate. Curv® is very lightweight yet protective, so players’ feet will stay protected when blocking shots.

All-new this year is the LightSpeed 3+ black steel. This is a Sports Excellence exclusive, which means you can only find it on the Ignite Pro+ skate model. Players looking to buy this steel “aftermarket” are out of luck - It is ONLY found on this skate.

LS3+ has a 10-foot radius and is covered in a matte black powder coating which is a very popular look in today’s game. It is highly durable, maintains an edge for a long time, and just plain looks nice. It’ll give players who don’t want to shell out $950 for the 2S Pro skates with LS5 carbon an opportunity to have that same look.