Bauer Ignite Senior Skates

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The Supreme S27 skates are great for the low- to intermediate-level player, but there are certain upgrades players may be wishing they had. Thanks to the creation of the Supreme Ignite skates, players can now get the best of both worlds: an excellent mid-level skate with higher-end features at a lower cost!

The Supreme Ignite's first upgrade lay in the runner. The S27s feature TUUK stainless steel, while the Ignites improve with the LS1 steel runner. These provide a longer edge life that resists the wears and tears of the game. The 2-piece, 48 oz. felt tongue with high-density reinforced metatarsal guard is lightweight and keeps you protected, while allowing you to flex forward for a stronger stride.

The Hydra Max Liner improves on the S27's hydrophobic microfiber with more comfort and breathability. The outsole is composed of injected TPU for a greater energy transfer from heel to toe.