Bauer S19 Supreme 2S Junior Elbow Pads

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The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro elbow pads are designed with top-end performance features to offer players a comfortable, mobile, and protective option. 

  • Anatomical build for an enhanced fit
  • AMP technology for increased mobility
  • Curv composite material for added protection
  • Ventaprene strap for a locked-in feel
  • Thermo Core liner for moisture-wicking comfort

Bauer uses an anatomical build for the 2019 Supreme elbow pads, providing a close-to-the-body fit that feels natural and promotes power with every movement. For the top-of-the-line 2S Pro model, Bauer enhances this fit with many new and trusted features that will help keep you mobile and protected every time you hit the ice. 

A top-level feature included in the 2S elbow pads is Active Motion Protection. AMP technology is used in the cap, and provides increased range of motion. With this added mobility, players will feel less restricted by this elbow pad and will be able to move how they need to move to perform their best. AMP also offers an added layer of protection in this key area. 

For more protection, Bauer includes their trusted Curv composite technology in a couple key areas. In the biceps, a floating construction is complemented by Curv for a great balance of mobility and protection; and in forearm, Curv composite is used to provide an added level of impact resistance to the anatomically molded construction, giving you the coverage you need against slashes and blocked shots.

The 2S Pro elbow pads also include a top-end strapping system. Bauer uses their Ventaprene Y-shape strap to ensure the pad stays secure to your arm during play to maximize its protective and performance benefits. This strap also helps keep you comfortable throughout games and practices.

Inside the elbow pad, Bauer includes a floating comfort liner with Poron XRD technology for excellent comfort and protection. This is combined with the top-end Thermo Core liner which offers another layer of comfort while keeping your pads light during games thanks to its moisture wicking properties. And between skating sessions, this liner helps to dry out the elbow pads faster and to stop the growth of bacteria.