Bauer S19 Supreme 2S Team Intermediate Sticks

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The 2S Team stick comes in the familiar Supreme shaft geometry, with squared corners and straight sidewalls for a traditional feel in the hands. The shaft construction is a fused two-piece design with a full carbon fiber weave and Bauer’s R2 resin system. The unidirectional carbon provides excellent responsiveness and durability at this price point.

The 2S Team kick-point is a high mid-kick with MPK technology, perfect for the power shooters who like to load up the stick with extra energy. The MPK stiffens the lower third of the stick, while the upper third is softer, lifting the kick-point for the maximum transfer of energy on each shot.

The blade has been nicely upgraded and is 10 grams lighter than the previous model, thanks to Bauer’s Max Balance Technology, a relative of the 2S Pro’s ACL technology. The carbon layering process has been optimized for more layers of carbon that are also thinner, accounting for the blade’s lighter weight and the stick’s better performing balance point. Max Balance Technology also lends greater strength and increased durability to the blade’s edge.

Inside the blade is Bauer’s AeroFoam I core, with two materials that together produce one of the most dampened feels of any Bauer stick. This is good news for power shooters, because the puck stays in contact with the blade longer during big shots. The blade also features BimaX 3K carbon fiber twill. The twill weave is a flat design that gives players more tensile strength for higher performance and more durability.