CCM Premier R1.5 Junior Goalie Pants

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Brand new for 2019, the CCM Premier R1.5 Junior LE Goalie Pants incorporates redesigned features of the original CCM Premier R1.5 and CCM Premier R1.5 2017 Model.

The CCM Premier R1.5 Junior LE goalie pants have a new unique darkened look where the yellow color has been replaced with dark grey.

With the PE foam in the front of the pant, the goalie will be able to move better while still remaining protected in all situations.

The new Premier R1.5 LE goal pant series is based off the original Premier R1.5 with an interior belt designed to keep a snug fit while the pant remains loose to provide more coverage.

On the top half of the pant, CCM has redesigned the upper hip and waist section with angular cuts providing the goalie the same protection they are used to, but with added mobility.

If you are an entry-level goalie looking for great protection in a mobile package offering exceptional coverage, look no further than the CCM Premier R1.5 LE Junior Goalie Pant.