CCM Trigger 6 Senior Hockey Stick

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The new CCM Ribcor Trigger 6 stays true to the proven and liked Ribcor DNA, but brings next level reliability and consistency due to the new Skeleton + Technology. Players can still rely on the most effortless and quickest release on the market, assuring they can surprise goalies at any point in the game.

Key Features

New Skeleton+ Technology: New manufacturing technology found in the taper area which provides better reliability so you can always rely on your stick in key moments of the game.

Unique Ergonomic Geometry: This unique geometry allows the stick to maintain a perfect low kick, providing effortless loading and quick releases.

Other Features:

Kick Point - Optimized Low Kick Point: The perfect low kick, providing quick release and pop on every shot.

Shaft Technology - Pure Carbon Technology: Carbon technology that creates both a light and strong stick.

Blade - Ascent Blade 2 with Peel-Ply: An optimized stiffness profile that transitions seamlessly from softer in the heel to extra stiff in the toe for heightened puck feel and quick releases.