Warrior Alpha DX4 Senior Sticks

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The Warrior Alpha DX4 Stick was built for players looking for high-end technologies without having to break the bank. The DX4 features the new Fuelcore Blade that not only provides better puck feel and shot pop, but it also extends the lifespan of the stick with exciting internal materials. 

In terms of playability, the Alpha DX4 stick suits players who want hard shot power without sacrificing a quick shot release. Essentially, the exclusive Sabre Taper helps a player to make the best play possible in the widest variety of situations; from the point or in close on the goal. 

Much like the new blade, the DX4 boasts a robust shaft construction courtesy of Minmus 400D carbon fiber paired with performance fiberglass. For premium comfort and control, Warrior used their Ergo shaft dimensions that ergonomically fit the hand and feel much more natural than traditionally box-like shaft shapes.