Warrior Alpha DX4 Senior Sticks

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Brand new for the 2019-2020 season is the Warrior Alpha DX4 Senior Hockey Stick from Warrior Hockey. This second iteration of the Alpha stick line features upgrades made to both the shaft as well as the blade making the Alpha DX4 Hockey Stick one of Warrior’s most advanced to date!

Not only has the technology changed within the Alpha stick line, but so has the colorway, now featuring a sleeker, predominantly grey look. The top third of the stick features the most color, a light blue color, with a DX4 logo at the center. Moving down, a white Alpha DX4 logo can be found on top of the carbon fiber type background of the shaft. The bottom third of the stick is a blacked-out Warrior logo.

Headlining the technology of the Alpha DX4 Hockey Stick is Warrior’s exclusive Sabre Taper Technology. This taper design, starting at the midpoint of the Warrior logo and extending to the top of the blade, combines a low kick-point with a stable and powerful release, making it a great option for players who like to take quick snapshots and heavy slapshots as well!

The Alpha DX4 Hockey Stick consists of Warrior’s most advanced version of their True1 Phantom feel! This true one-piece build process creates a balanced and lightweight feel, maximizing control and responsiveness during all types of in-game situations. This iteration has been improved upon, making it Warrior’s lightest and strongest true one-piece build.