Warrior Covert QR EDGE Senior Gloves

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The Warrior Covert QR Edge Glove provides ultimate mobility and premier protection, all in a lightweight design. The QR Edge features the new Exo Protect featherlight foam package that effortlessly absorbs violent impacts from even the highest levels of play. 

Warrior continued to use the successful AxyFlex floating cuff that allows for complete wrist mobility while ensuring wrist protection is always where it needs to be. The palm of the QR Edge is a different story this year though. The SmartPalm+ utilizes a premium GatorSkin overlay strategically placed for excellent durability without affecting stick feel. The SmartPalm+ also features the unique bindingless outer construction and a reinforced inner index finger that truly take stick feel and abrasion resistance to the next-level. 

The exterior of the QR Edge glove features a combination of cable nylon, traditional nylon and synthetic leather. Both nylons promote consistent breathability but even more importantly, their flexible attributes give the glove a game-ready, broken-in feel right out of the box.