2021 Season Inventory List
Section: 117        Row: 5       - pair (goal line Platinums - Leafs shoot twice)
Section: 105A      Row: 8       - set of 3 (corner Platinums - actual first row in section)
Section: 101        Row: 8*      - pair (end Platinums - visitors shoot twice)
Section: 108        Row: 13     - set of 4 (dead center ice Golds)
Section: 102        Row: 16*    - set of 4 (end Golds - visitors shoot twice)
Section: 106        Row: 15*    - pair (goal line Golds - visitors shoot twice)
Section: 113        Row: 14      - pair (end Golds - Leafs shoot twice)
Section: 116        Row: 28      - set of 4 (corner Reds - Leafs shoot twice)
Section: 111        Row: 28      - set of 3 (corner Reds - Leafs shoot twice)
Section: 104        Row: 29      - pair (end Reds - visitors shoot twice)
Section: 102        Row: 32      - pair (end Reds - visitors shoot twice)
300 Level: Greens & Purples
Section: 309        Row: 1*        - set of 4 (first row dead centre ice Greens)
Section: 320        Row: 8          - up to 8 available (blue line Greens)
Section: 307        Row: 11        - up to 8 available (goal line Greens)
Section: 324        Row: 9          - up to 5 available (corner Greens)
Section: 306        Row: 10        - set of 4 (corner Greens)
Section: 307        Row: 1          - single (first row goal line Green)
Section: 302        Row: 4          - pair (Blues)
Section: 305        Row: 8          - pair (Blues)
Section: 321        Rows: 6/7     - piggy back pair (dead centre ice Greens)
Section: 310        Rows: 4/5     - piggy back pair (blue line Greens)
Section: 308        Rows: 4/5     - piggy back pair (blue line Greens)
Section: 308        Rows: 6/7     - piggy back pair (blue line Greens)
Section: 318        Row: 12*       - pair (first row corner Purples)
Section: 319        Row: 14        - pair (goal line Purples)
Section: 321        Rows: 12/13  - piggy back pair (dead centre ice Purples)
* = aisle seats
​~ Additional seats available on a per game basis, other options available upon request ~
Executive & Theatre Suites available upon request
​All tickets are priced dynamically in Canadian dollarno service fees, please contact us for pricing

In The Action Seats


view from our home plate In The Action Seats
Section: 120, Row: 1 - In The Action Seats (first row on field seats behind home plate)

See the ACTION from the best point of view in the ballpark!
On field seats, padded, food and non-alcoholic beverage included, in-seat service.

In The Action Seats hospitality all inclusive menu includes the following offerings during the game: salted shelled peanuts, old dutch potato chips, popcorn, nachos, jumbo hot dog, non-alcoholic beverages, ice cream service, home stand feature.

All tickets are priced dynamically: In The Action Seats average price $699ea CND and up, more for weekend games

Other options available upon request, please contact us for availability
All tickets are priced dynamically: based on ticket availability, supply and demand, please contact us for pricing

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