Bauer Supreme Ignite Pro Junior Shoulder Pads

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The Bauer Ignite Pro Shoulder Pad is specifically designed as an SMU (Special Make Up) for equipment buyers and is produced by major manufacturers to provide our customers with unique, quality gear at excellent prices. What makes these Bauer Ignite Pro Shoulder Pads valuable? In most cases, SMU will be priced between two similar products in the product line while incorporating specific features of the higher level shoulder pad at a better price for everyone. Basically, the Bauer Ignite Pro  Shoulder Pads offer upgraded features at a better price! It’s important to understand that an SMU (Special Make Up) product is not a knock-off or made with cheap quality materials. The Bauer Ignite Pro Shoulder Pads are simply designed by a team with years of experience who know what players are looking for, and make these upgrades at a great price available to our customers. These shoulder pads are ideal because they are unique and loaded with the latest features at a great price point.