Bauer Supreme Total one MX3 Junior Skate - 2014

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The Bauer Supreme TotalOne MX3 Skates are basically what you would get if you took all the greatest technologies, new and old, from Bauer's three skate lines and forged them together into one. To say that these skates are light is an understatement. Bauer's Curv© Composite Quarter Package not only offers unparalleled stiffness, but it makes for one of the lightest boots ever. One new addition this year is the Injected Stability Lacing System from the APX2 boot, with a few minor upgrades. This lacing system has been upgraded to flex better where it needs to, and it uses T-shaped lacing holes to lock your in tighter than ever. The MX3 will feature something that the NXG did not feature when it first released, which is the Tuuk Edge Holder. This holder sits 3mm higher, allowing players to get over their edges even more. Tuuk LS Fusion Edge steel is featured in the holders, which because it is blended with aluminum, weighs 27% less than a full steel runner.