Bauer Vapor X500 Junior Skate - 2017

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The Bauer Vapor X500 Hockey Skate feature a fibre composite upper creates strength and complete boot stability. As with previous Vapor models, the quarter package (a.k.a. the side of the boot) consists of Bauer’s X-Rib pattern. Within the pattern, you’ll find injected padding. The composite wraps fully around the heel and ankle for built-in support. Bauer Vapor Skates, the Inside: The interior of the Bauer Vapor X500 Hockey Skates features a hydrophobic micro-fiber liner. This keeps your feet dry. More importantly, the material locks your foot in place for top of the line agility, acceleration, and power transfer. The anaform foam ankle pads maximize comfort inside the boot. The Bauer Vapor X500 Hockey Skates feature a revolutionary liner technology to regulate the core body temperature of the player keeping your foot dry and locked in place for complete control. Fabrics with 37.5 Technology dry up to 5X faster than similar fabrics.  A combination of felt tongue construction improves overall integration of skate and foot. Lightweight construction pushes the skate to new extremes of weight reduction. The Curv composite inserts provide a higher level of protection and increased support.  Bauer’s elite grade of stainless steel provides superior on-ice performance through maximizing energy transfer and superior surface finish for a cleaner, stronger sharpening edge. An additional 3mm in profile height allows for a greater angle of attack to turn tighter and get to the puck quicker.

Bauer Vapor X500 Hockey Skates Features

  • Quarter Package: Fiber composite upper with X-rib pattern.
  • Lining Material: Hydrophobic Liner.
  • Heel Support: Anatomical heel and ankle support.
  • Ankle Padding: Injected ankle pads.
  • Tongue Construction: High Density Tongue.
  • Footbed: Form-fit technology.
  • Thermoformable Anaform upper and footbed.
  • Outsole: Full TPU with ventilation.
  • Runner: TUUK LS2 Stainless steel.