Bauer Vapor X900 Senior Skate - 2017

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The Bauer S17 Vapor X900 ice hockey skate is designed for the elite-level player looking for a pro-performing skate, but who might not want to spend pro dollars, or does not need all the bells and whistles of a tippy-top-of-the-line item. The X900 offers enough elite features to satisfy the elite skater who demands a lot from their gear and needs the right skate to maximize their game each time out.

  • Tuuk LightSpeed Edge holder for trigger-quick blade replacement
  • Fully composite outsole for improved energy transfer and max power
  • 3-D Lasted Curv Composite quarter package for rigid performance
  • X-rib design for rear support and stability
  • Fully thermoformable boot for custom fit and comfort
  • FlexLock three-piece tongue for protection and security
  • Lock-Fit+ liner and footbed for tacky, locked-in feel

The Vapor X900 features the Tuuk LightSpeed Edge holder. The LightSpeed is the most popular holder in the NHL right now, thanks to Tuuk’s innovative trigger system that allows skaters to switch their blades in seconds, for more time on the ice and less time on the bench working on a skate. The LightSpeed is also three millimeters taller this year, so now skaters can get even further over their edges for a better turning radius on their Tuuk LS3 steel.

The X900 outsole is a full composite, something new to the X900 line this year. It’s lighter and stiffer than before, for improved energy transfer and maximum power in each stride. The outsole joins the 3-D Lasted Curv Composite quarter package, a boot that promises superior thermoformability—not only the shell, but also the interior foams will form to the foot when baked for a truly custom fit. The X900 also includes Bauer’s signature Vapor X-rib design for better stability and stiffness in the rear of the boot, and an anatomical heel and ankle core for a contoured fit without sacrificing any stiffness or stability. 

The X900 tongue is Bauer’s FlexLock, white felt, three-piece design. The FlexLock offers the same pro-level thickness and performance as the 1X skate, with an anatomical fit over the foot. And the injected, high-density center foams offer excellent protection from slashes, stray pucks, and lace bite–a problem with many low-volume fitted skates like the Vapors. But this year’s tongue is more flexible than last year’s X900. Now skaters can maximize their forward flex for improved power in the stride extension. The tongue also better locks the foot into the boot, to minimize any power loss associated with foot slippage inside.

Foot security and stability are further enhanced by Bauer’s Lock-Fit+, dual-zone grip liner. The liner is an abrasion-resistant material with two textures—a tacky upper for security and a softer lower for comfort. Under the liner lie thick, form-fit, memory foam ankle pads that mold to the foot during baking and provide even more custom comfort. And beneath it all is Bauer’s Lock-Fit+ Grip footbed, with more tacky texture in the heel and toe to help secure the elite-level skater’s foot into the boot, especially when combined with the liner and new tongue.

The X900, like all Vapor skates, is a low-volume skate. This means that if you have a narrow forefoot or shallow heel, the Vapor line will be the best fitting choice for you among all Bauer’s offerings. The X900 is a great choice for the elite-level skater looking for a lot of pro-level performance in a more traditionally styled boot. It’s not quite the 1X, but once you get them on your feet, you might not be able to tell the difference.