Bauer Vapor X900 Lite Senior Elbow Pads

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The Bauer Vapor X900 Lite Elbow Pads are perfect for the player looking for elite level mobility and high level of protection without all the pro-level features found in the Vapor 1X Lite elbow pads and without the higher price tag. The Vapor X900 Lite are a great balance of protection, mobility at a mid-level price point.

The Bauer Vapor X900 elbow pads are constructed with Hyperlite foam throughout the bicep protection, forearm protection, and the elbow cap itself. The Hyperlite material is both lightweight and protective and provides a comfortable feel. The Vapor X900 Lite elbow pads are a 2-piece tapered fit with a floating bicep protector and feature a molded floating donut.

The strapping on the Bauer Vapor X900 Lite elbow pads uses a 3-strap system with an elastic bicep strap on the floating design for complete adjustment and comfort, a nylon forearm strap for a secure fit, and a Y-shape comfort middle strap for both secure feel and little to no irritation on the inside elbow. The rest of the design on the Vapor X900 Lite elbow pads is designed for comfort and sanitation with a Thermo Max liner featuring sanitized technology.