CCM Jetspeed FT6 Pro Intermediate Hockey Stick - Blue

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The CCM JetSpeed FT6 Pro hockey stick is the next generation of top-of-the-line JetSpeed sticks. With upgrades in key features, CCM has produced a high performing hockey stick that pro and elite level players will reap the benefits from. 

  • Hybrid kick-point for speed and response in the release
  • New RR-100 stiff blade with nanolite technology to improve balance and feel. 
  • Re-engineered Nanolite Shield Carbon Layering making the shaft lightweight and durable.
  • Sigma STP Carbon spread tow in the shaft and blade for durability.
  • Skeleton+ taper technology for better reliability in key moments of the game.

There are a variety of factors to consider when purchasing a new stick. But when thinking about your on-ice performance, it is important to place a focus on kick point. Finding the right kick point will help take your shot to the next level and have a positive impact on your game. If you’re unsure which kick point is best for you, visit your local Pure Hockey for an accurate assessment.

The 2023 JetSpeed line has a hybrid kick point that we feel plays similar to a mid-kick. This flex point is designed to create a power hinge effect, allowing you to load the stick using a blend of speed and response. By blending the technologies usually associated with mid and low kick sticks, the FT6 Pro is engineered for players with a shoot-first mentality.

Carried down from the FT5 Pro stick is the Skeleton+ Technology. This is a manufacturing technology found in the taper area providing a lighter and better feeling stick that you can rely on in key moments of the game. 

All-new for the FT6 Pro stick is the Nanolite Shield which maximizes the use of carbon layers in varying thickness to achieve drastic weight reduction without compromising durability. The outershield is composed of unidirectional carbon fibers and CCM’s Sigma STP weave to improve strength and protect the stick from in-game impacts. 

As for shaft design and feel, CCM uses R-geometry design, a streamlined shape with rounded corners and concave sides. This is a stick that will feel comfortable in your hands and bring a ton of performance to your game. For grip, the FT6 Pro uses FT microfeel, which is a raised grip on the bottom edges of the shaft’s mid-section to ensure perfect control. 

CCM has also upgraded the blade to give you the best feel possible and more durability. The optimized RR-100 blade with nanolite technology and Sigma STP carbon weave material will provide better balance, enhance stiffness, create more durability, and provide the right mix of shot speed and control.