CCM Jetspeed FT7 Pro Senior Hockey Stick

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Intro & New Features
The CCM Jetspeed FT7 Pro hockey stick is the latest innovation from one of the leading names in hockey equipment. Designed with elite players in mind, this stick combines cutting-edge technology, top-of-the-line materials, and expert craftsmanship to deliver amazing performance on the ice. The FT7 Pro features a hybrid kick point, “R” geometry along the shaft, a Sigma STP spread tow weave, and an RR-110 X-Soft Helicoid blade.

Stick Profile
The Jetspeed line uses a hybrid kick point, which combines the benefits of both a low and high kick point. It is designed to provide a quick release for wrist and snap shots, while also delivering more power for slap shots. The hybrid kick point is achieved by using a combination of carbon fibres with different flex properties in the lower and upper parts of the shaft. The lower part of the shaft uses stiffer carbon fibres, creating a low kick point for quick releases. The upper part of the shaft uses more flexible carbon fibres, creating a higher kick point for increased power and accuracy on slap shots.