CCM Jetspeed X-Plus Junior 12" Shin Guards

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While the CCM Jetspeed FT4 SR Hockey Shin Guards are technically considered the “model down” from the FT4 Pro, they offer the best value for a pro level protection in a shin pad that is also super lightweight.

The CCM Jetspeed FT4 shin guard was engineered to feature protection for elite and performance level players. It comes with a narrow anatomical design to maximize freedom of movement. The new profile of the FT4 shin and knee caps gives players a perfect balance of coverage without being too wide. The FT4 is really comfortable and has a locked in fit that virtually eliminates slippage once strapped in.

Shin Protection
A new anatomical, narrower design gives the FT4 a connected fit that doesn’t feel bulky. While it has a narrower profile, players who frequently block shots won’t be disappointed with the coverage it gives and will love the protection it offers.

Knee Cap & Protection
With a redesigned shape and JDP (Joint Dispersing Protection) knee cap construction, the improved kneecap/shin cap flex point offers more freedom of movement while dispersing impact force away from the knee joint.