CCM Ribcor Maxx Junior Skates

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CCM’s newest Ribcor features all the great technology and added features you won’t find on the stock version CCM Ribcor 66K Skates. What are the CCM Ribcor Maxx  Senior Ice Hockey Skates? The Ribcor Maxx  Skate is an SMU (Special Make Up) skate for the SEC buying group.  Hockey Plus is a member of the SEC buying group and therefore has access to skates not normally seen at every hockey shop.  The SEC buying group takes a base product (in this case the Ribcor 66K skate) and adds extra features to the skate while keeping the product at the same selling price as the base model.  So what this really means is the customer is getting added features for the same selling price. What are the extra features on the CCM Ribcor Maxx  Senior Ice Hockey Skates: Some of the key differences in the Ribcor Maxx  and the Ribcor 66K are: The CCM Ribcor Maxx  skates use an upgraded TotalDri liner with abrasion resistant zones.  The Maxx also has a 10mm white felt tongue with the Molded Lacebite Protection from the 70K skate.  The eyelets on the Maxx  skates are also upgraded to brass.  The last upgrade on the Maxx  skate is the SB Black runner which is also used on the 70K skate. CCM Ribcor Maxx  an exclusive skate model developed in collaboration with our partner CCM and our Sports Excellence product specialists. The CCM Ribcor Maxx is an enhanced model with hand-picked upgrades to offer our customers maximum performance and better value.