CCM Tacks 3052 Junior Skate - 2014

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CCM SKATES TACKS 3052 – player’s ice-hockey skates
• skates CCM TACKC 3052 model for the 2014 season is intended for advanced players
• they have a new design and a shape as well, they are so suggested that they provide you the biggest comfort during a play.
• outside material nylon - final shape looks as a very  strong and flexible plastic
frame of the skate is newly developed ATTACKFRAME, is light, flexible and creates a perfect foot support
inside material  FORMULA T3 padding seems too thin, but if you push into, you will feel how it is flexible, it will form exactly to your foot, a light microfiber is drying well, anatomic insole
• felt tongue, 7mm wide protects well before hitting, new holder SPEED BLADE 4.0 and runner SB STAINLESS, thanks them you have better rotation radius, which holds you in curves – more aggressive style of skating
• boot fits well, they are  intended for  advanced and hobby ice-hockey players 
• skates are heat-moldable