CCM Tacks 720 Combo Senior Helmet

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Drawing from the unprecedented success of our SUPER TACKS X helmet, the TACKS 720 hockey helmet was designed to keep your noggin cool, comfortable and protected during every shift. Equipped with multi-density foams, D3O® smart material in key areas and AER-TEC thermoregulation powered by Nest Tech, this helmet offers superior ventilation channels to guarantee an optimal flow of air. It also ensures maximum impact energy diffusion. Whether you're blazing a trail down center ice or fighting it out on the corners, you can trust in the TACKS 720 to keep you cool and on point while protecting your most valuable asset. *CCM’s industry-leading team of engineers, product managers and designers are focused on developing helmets that are safe. Scientists indicate that brain injuries and concussions are mainly due to linear and rotational accelerations of the brain, but science has yet to reach a consensus on the question. No hockey helmet can prevent or eliminate the risk of head injury, including concussions.