CCM Tacks 9060 Junior Hockey Pants

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New for the 2019-2020 season are the Tacks 9060 Junior Hockey Pants from CCM Hockey! These new pants are packed with new and improved features like the D30 Smart Material, customizable strapping, and improved padding in key areas, making them some of the most advanced hockey pants on the market!

Jumping right into the construction of the Tacks 9060 Hockey Pants, they feature CCM’s Pro 400D lightweight nylon with side reinforcement! This premium-quality nylon is highly lightweight and durable!

The kidney areas are also well protected thanks to molded-PE caps that provide players with pro level protection against direct impacts!

Moving around to the back of the Tacks 9060 Hockey Pants, players will find the molded-PE spine protector! This setup provides players with great protection and comfort! Additionally, the spine features CCM’s D30 Smart Material on the interior which helps disperse the shock of direct impacts.

Just below the spine protection, on both sides, is where you will find the JDP hip caps! This pro level cap construction for the hips was designed to disperse the force of direct impacts away from sensitive hip joints. Further enhancing the hip protection are PE foams, which add an extra layer of protection to this area.

Moving to the thighs, the Tacks 9060 Hockey Pants feature floating Molded-HD caps with PE Foam! This combination provides players with pro level protection and great mobility as well, thanks to the floating aspect of the pads. The Super Tacks 9060 Hockey Pants also feature zippers on the inner sides of both thighs providing superior usability and mobility.

To cap everything off, the Tacks 9060 Hockey Pants feature an internal belt system! This design was developed to provide ultimate protection and adjustability, giving players the option to choose how the pants fit. Additionally, the pants feature a length-adjusting zipper that allows players to add up to one inch in length depending on their personal preference!