CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Senior Hockey Shin Guards

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Shin Protection
The shin cap has been made of tough PE plastic and engineered with an Anatomical Shield Design for max coverage and comfort. To combat wear and tear that tends to occur near the bottom of the pad, CCM also implemented an abrasion-resistant bottom pad, reinforced with D3O foam. The pad and D3O ensure not just more durability in that area, but also more security near your ankles. In addition, underneath the kneecap is a groove fit for your tape.

Knee Cap & Protection
The knee area uses D3O foam, a JDP kneecap design, and a protective comfort donut on the inside to keep your knees secure while you play. These features both enhance protection and keep everything in place. The JDP design specifically disperses impact force away from the knee, while the D3O soaks up any extra impact force that manages to sneak through. The comfort donut on the inside liner provides supplemental space for your knee and keeps it further away from the impact point while simultaneously holding everything in place.