CCM Tacks AS-VI Pro Intermediate Hockey Stick

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Intro & New Features
The new Tacks AS-VI stick family has come back redesigned with even longer-lasting pop, greater blade durability, more balance, and a lighter weight than its predecessors. Being a part of the esteemed Tacks mid kick point family, the sticks in this series are designed to empower players’ shots and ability to maintain control over the ice. The AS-VI Pro variation features an Acufeel 3 blade with Helicoid technology, Nanolite Shield carbon layering technology, and Sigma STP carbon material.

Stick Profile
The stick profile of the Tacks family is a modern mid kick point, optimized specifically for hard wrist shots. The flex point is situated slightly higher up on the shaft, around the midpoint. The increased loading period during the shooting motion and increased flex in the upper portion of the stick generate power on shots for greater velocity. This kick point profile is favored by players who want hard, strong shots and greater strength in board battles.