CCM Ultra Tacks Senior Skates - 2017

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Five years of work, CCM launches the innovative Super Tacks Skates, which have been developed with leading biomechanical hockey research and state-of-the-art design technology. Thanks to MonoFrame 360 technology, the Super Tacks have one-piece shoe frames with a fully anatomical seat of the heel with a 360 ° fit around and below the foot shaped according to the players ' DNA. The Super Tacks construction eliminates the outsole, which improves the contact surface from foot to skate and provides an unprecedented direct power drive system that allows maximum performance. MONOFRAME 360 TECHNOLOGIE one-piece boot frame made of carbon fiber composite with a fully anatomical shape, with every inch recreated around and below the player's foot, improving contact between the foot and skate. Thanks to the one-piece frame design, no outsole is necessary, creating a more direct force drive.  ADV PRO-GEFORMTE ZUNGE Super lightweight, modern tongue with injected pressure station protection layer, which contributes to increasing comfort, protection and performance.  SPEEDBLADE BLACK Oxid-treated premium blade, contributes to better performance, longer edge life and higher corrosion resistance.  Quarter package monoframe 360 one-piece carbon fiber composite, one-piece shoe frame with 360 ° anatomical heel content and thus unprecedented direct energy transmission system.PassformProvides players with a convenient individual 360 ° fit around and under the Core heat-malleable t-shape core, super lightweight, stiffer and thermomable core for the highest performance. Dress totaldri with durazone abrasion pads, highly moisture-wicking material keeps feet dry and the skates light. The abrasion pads provide high wear resistance. KufeSpeedBlade Black, oxide-treated high-performance blade for longer life of the edge and better corrosion resistance.