Reebok Ribcor Maxx Junior Skates - 2014

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The Reebok Ribcor skates feature a Ribcor Pro quarter package with an EPP foam core. These skates are designed to be more for the agile player, such as a Pavel Datsyuk, where as the RBZ and Tacks are meant for top end speed and quick acceleration, respectively. While you might think this means that you’re going to get a boot that isn’t stiff, that will not be the case. The Ribcor maintains a great level of stiffness, and is suitable for high level play.

Of course, the Ribcor wouldn’t be a pair of Reebok skates if they didn’t include the SkateLock system, as well as The Pump. The SkateLock system is a lace lock beneath the third eyelets. This system allows you to tighten your laces and lock them in with the snap so that you can tighten the top three eyelets independently of the bottom. So if you like to leave your lower portion loose and the top portion real tight, you are free to do so. The Pump, on the other hand, is a system which allows you to pump in air to eliminate negative space around your ankle and help keep your foot locked in place. Both are interesting features and exclusive to the Reebok line of skates.

Throughout the rest of the skate, top end materials have been used. Tacky Nash and clarino make up the dual zone liner, while a hybrid of felt and EPE foams are used in the tongue. A griptonite footbed focuses on keeping your foot locked place by using a grip texture, while the outsole is made of lightweight carbon fiber. Another upgrade over the 20k skate is the use of the new SpeedBlade 4.0 holder, which is a welcome change.