Sherwood Rekker Legend Pro Senior Hockey Stick

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ntro & New Features
Introducing the Sherwood Rekker Legend Pro hockey stick—the very stick used by up-and-coming player Connor Bedard and a testament to the REKKER family's focus on speed, precision, and deceptive play. With its emphasis on quickness and deception, this stick is designed to empower players to outmaneuver goalies and deliver game-changing performances on the ice. Tech featured on the Legend Pro include BlackLine and Pyrofil XXV carbon fibres, a VR92 blade, a Duo-Fire kick point, and an Ergo Taper shaft.

Stick Profile
The stick uses an innovative DuoFire kick point, revolutionizing a player's shooting experience. The stick incorporates two distinct zones, eminiscent of a hybrid design. However, what sets it apart is the positioning of the kick point, which is situated lower on the shaft like a low kick. This strategic placement allows players to unleash lightning-fast snap shots with enhanced precision, all while maintaining the stick's ability to generate powerful load potential for explosive shots when needed.