WARD Hockey Smelling Salts

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Hockey Smelling Salts are specially designed for cold conditions. Many smelling salts struggle to stay potent in very cold conditions and have historically disappointed the large base of hockey customers. 97% of NHL player use or have used smelling salts, which make them as popular and common in hockey as they are in strength sports. Our Hockey Smelling Salts are the first ever formulated for cold conditions and stay potent even in the coldest ice rinks. Ward’s hockey version is approximately 3x stronger than the under-powered single-use snap ampules that players have traditionally used. A single bottle can be used over 100 times which drastically reduces the cost for players by over 50% compared to snap ampules. The bottle format is very team-friendly where a single bottle can be passed around the entire bench of players and stay potent from first player to the last.