Warrior Alpha QX4 Senior Elbow Pads

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Brand new for the 2019-2020 season are the Warrior Alpha DX3 Senior Elbow Pads! These high-level pads were designed to give players superior mobility, fit, and protection! With a few key advancements, the Alpha QX4 Elbow Pads are some of the most advanced on the market!

The premium protection in the Alpha QX4 Elbow Pads consist of molded plastic inserts within the forearm and bicep area! This setup is lightweight and ergonomic, ensuring that players do not have restricted feel without having to sacrifice the elite-level protection. Paired with this is Warrior’s compression-molded EVA foam throughout the entirety. 

Holding everything together is Warrior’s premium strapping system. This strapping is versatile and comfortable, providing a secure fit into the elbow pocket.