Warrior Alpha QX3 Junior Shoulder Pads

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Providing a comfortable, close to the body fit, is the ventilated jacket on the interior that hugs the upper body. This will help keep players feeling mobile and lightweight, without affecting protection. On the protection side, the Alpha QX3 Hockey Shoulder Pads utilize Warrior’s Smart Cap technology within the shoulder caps. These shoulder caps work to protect players from a wide variety of impacts ranging from impact-type forces like blocked shots and heavy contact like body checks. This does a great job of protecting players’ joints, as well as protects the opponents from the force of the impacts too. The interior of the Alpha QX3 Hockey Shoulder Pads feature a Strike-yellow on the interior. This liner helps wick away moisture, keeping players dry and comfortable throughout usage. This also assists in helping dry the pads out quicker after games and practices.

If you are a high-level player looking for a good all-around pair of shoulder pads, check out the Warrior Alpha QX3 Junior Hockey Shoulder Pads!