Warrior DX Junior Shoulder Pads

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The Warrior Alpha DX line is Warrior’s new line for the 2019/20 season. It offers a dynamic strike fit which is designed to be low-profile and offer a superior fit and mobility compared to previous lines. The DX also uses a compression molded EVA foam with a unique texture added in key impact zones to provide elite level protection.

Another high-end feature of the DX is the WarTech FnC liner. This liner is designed to inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria, and all you need to do to keep it working at its best is occasionally wipe it with a warm cloth.

The DX also offers a ‘two-timer’ strap system at the stomach area. This system offers an adjustable strap length to make sure the shoulder pad can wrap snugly around the body, no matter your size.

Shoulder Caps
The shoulder caps of the Alpha DX feature a low-profile, dynamic cap design. This design provides a lightweight and sleek shoulder cap covered with foam to maximize impact performance and aid in mobility.

Sternum Protection
The base of the Alpha DX uses a ventilated jacket to allow airflow through the pad keeping them lightweight, mobile and cool. On the outside of this jacket, Warrior features their DX Shell to provide additional impact resistance in the sternum area. The DX Shell is a compression molded EVA foam, which is very high-density, and also includes an added texture in key zones to better disperse impacts.

Spine Protection
The spinal protection on the DX also features the Warrior’s DX shell. This shell is found in most areas of the pad, and uses a compression molded EVA foam to disperse and absorb impacts. Segmented foam protection around the main DX shell spine allows the body

Bicep Protection
The Alpha DX offers an adjustable two-piece bicep design to provide a better fit for a wider range of players and keep the protection tight against your body. Protection along the biceps is also provided through Warrior’s DX Shell. The DX Shell uses a compression molded EVA foam  and also has a Shell Skin Texture to better disperse and absorb impacts.

The yellow WarTech FnC used by Warrior has become a staple on all of their protective products. Powered by Polygiene, this liner is designed to keep you dry, clean and odor free. The composition of the liner inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria, and all you need to do is wipe it with a warm cloth every month or so to keep it performing at its best.