Warrior Dynasty AX2 Senior Elbow Pads

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Better fit equals better protection and mobility with the Dynasty AX2 Elbow Pads by Warrior. Tailored to fit adult, teen, and junior specific proportions, the AX2’s are designed for beginner to intermediate players of all ages.

Axy-Sym fit, tailors the pad to fit your specific body size, whether junior, intermediate or senior, the engineered liner, and Sling Wrap, a Texprene anchor strap all work in unison to keep the pads snug against your elbows allowing you to have maximum mobility and protection.

Protection starts with Axy-Sym tailored fit and continues with Warrior’s 2-Way Protection, a multi-layered flexible design that increases the contact area upon impact, ultimately reducing pressure and risk of injury, while still keeping the pads lightweight and low-profile.

On the inside the AX2’s are lined with War-Tech plus Polygiene. This signature yellow performance liner wicks away moisture to keep you dry and comfortable, while the Polygiene fights bacteria and keeps your elbows hockey stank free.

Worry less, whether you’re equipment has your back, or elbows because with the AX2’s you’ll stay mobile, protected, and odor free game in and game out.